Prepare and teach students to effectively utilize resources, tools and relationships in order to succeed as world citizens in an unpredictable future.



Students of Capitol Learning Academy will enter their futures with flexible mindsets, resourceful approaches to problem solving and an ability to work with colleagues of both similar and different perspectives. They will understand and appreciate differences of opinions and utilize these to further their approach to problem-solving. Comfort with new and unknown technologies will be a second nature to CLA graduates, and the specific brand and model of the technology available will not affect the success of an CLA student, as they will be able to adapt to whatever is available and work to find the greatest potential of all of their tools, physical and mental, in order to achieve success.


At Capitol Learning Academy, we believe that experiential and self-organized learning will allow you and your child to:

  • Learn to be curious, ask questions about the world and become an independent learner;
  • Become lifelong learners;

  • Discover your own strengths and how to develop and utilize talent;

  • Understand the importance of character;

  • Appreciate the surrounding community, physical world, and possibilities that come with them;
  • Understand and treasure their place in this world, and the economic, political and religious freedoms that come with living in America.

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  • We believe that each child wants to learn and can do so in their own unique way;

  • We believe that each child brings a talent or gift to their peers and community that should be cultivated and shared;

  • We believe that learning involves knowing, doing, being and sharing;

  • We believe in a closely connected community that values lifelong learning.